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About Heroes Models

Our passion for modelling

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Heroes Models was born to give voice to our passion for modelling. We are trying to fill the gaps left by manufacturers in sectors and scales still untreated. We are mainly interested in the aviation world, but with a special focus on the environment and the characters.

Specialized in scale 1/144 and 1/72 with some raids in the eggplane world, we do not follow a “production” logic or try to beat the competitors. The products are made by modellers for other modellers and we are the first to use them. So we try to get the best possible result while keeping the prices affordable. That’s why we do not rely on distributors.

We are a small reality and this is not our main job, although we would like it to become in the future.


To increase the quality of our products, we look after all the aspects and deepen our technical and historical research as thoroughly as possible. We are in constant contact with other modelers in order to receive suggestions and feedback.

In particular, for the realization of masters and the production of resin parts, we work together with Stefano De Rensis, a well-known Italian model maker active in this field for years, passionate him too of 1/144 as well as a valued sculptor.

Make yourself involved as we are, relive machines and characters who have written the history through your passion, or just tell your story.

Become a hero!

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